Classic Boats

Using the expertise of riverside carpenters, Teka Mar repairs, restores or rebuilds all the scructural elements of classic wooden boats including frames, boards and caulking.

Exterior Carpentry

Most of teka Mar’s carpentry is the classic teka cover, either mounted in the traditional or prefabricated way in the workshop, using the best cut to the hand-chosen teka room.

Interior carpentry

The carpentry work can be by the wish of the shipowner to give a new style, it can be a great reform of the ship or perhaps to gain access to the structure.

Corian Interiors

Teka Mar also offers delicate work in Corian, from countertops with integrated sinks to laundry showers or full bathrooms, all made with excellent craftsmanship.


In his workshop specialized in trees. TekaMar produces both solid and empty wood trees in different types of wood, including Spruce and Oregon Pine

Traditional teca cover

Mounted in traditional or prefabricated wood in the workshop, using the best cut to the hand-chosen teak room.

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